About our company

    Fe Kom is a serious company, started to operate in this industry 16 years ago.
      For 16 years the company has faced more than 16 challenges, challenges have been of different nature economical, political, financial, managerial and business.
      During this difficult journey, the company Fe-Kom has remained strong, this has been achieved because it has always been in the service of customers. 

    One of the rules of the company Fe Kom is “Satisfied Customer” that is respected and appreciated by our professional team.
During these years the company Fe Kom has gradually expanded and has followed the market needs, the competition of the company Fe Kom has always been and will remain a very valuable motivation for the company.
Ultimately the most deserving for the development of our company are the customers, so our focus is their needs.

We appreciate you and offer the best for you.
Our job is your satisfaction!